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Born of Non-asphalt Multi-color self-adhesive Waterproofing Membrane

Economy is developing, construction industry enters into “new normal” as well. Facing such a status quo, the state has been advocating conception of green building, energy efficiency and environmental protection. Some enterprises from lower section of industry chain according to new situation keep developing and innovating, especially innovation in the common self-adhesive waterproofing membrane. On problem of construction waterproof, production processes of traditional asphalt-based adhesive membrane are not environmentally friendly, but also has disadvantages of poor anti-ageing performance and non-exposed application. So a new materials without above disadvantages is needed to replace traditional waterproofing membrane.

Although, traditional asphalt-based adhesive membrane has such advantages as good adhesiveness, skin-type waterproofing, good elongation, safe and simple construction, but its adhesives and polymer sheet will layer, adhesive strength will dramatically decrease after 3 months. Under this background, New Sanya developed a new  generation product – non-asphalt multi-color self-adhesive waterproofing membrane. Because of its aging-resistant and environmental performance, non-asphalt multi-color waterproofing membrane is widely applied on waterproofing projects. Compared to traditional bitumen-based membrane, except the advantages of traditional self-adhesive membrane, New Sanya non-asphalt multi-color self-adhesive waterproofing membrane also has the following features:

1.  It has good stickiness force after been stored for 1 year

2.  Adhesives and polymer sheet don’t layer, the longer the time is, the tighter they bond

3. Anti-aging, acid, base and thermal aging resistant,  soil corrosion resistant, long service life


Although there are many factories who also produce self-adhesive waterproofing membrane, they just simply compound polymer sheet and hot-melt resin together. While, the shortcoming of this method is that leakage will be caused between hot-melt resin and polymer sheet. New Sanya latest non-asphalt multi-color waterproofing membrane subverted traditional conception. Its most important character are green, acid and alkali resistance, soil corrosion resistance, good thermal endurance, strong bonding force, aging resistance. Its character of green mainly lies on: 

1.  Its row materials don’t contain bitumen, curbs pollution from the source

2.  It is prepared by polymer synthetic material physically and chemically crosslinking.


Compared to bitumen-based membrane, multi-color environmental friendly polymer self-adhesive waterproofing membrane has better aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance. It will form a skin-type waterproofing layer, which can stop watermoving, with cement mortar or concrete. Especially, its aging and soil corrosion resistance greatly pro-longs life-span of waterproofing layer so that it solves the problem of durability of waterproofing layer on major infrastructures which can not overhauled or whose overhauling cost is very high, such as city pipe work, sponge city, etc.

NBAC membrane is a green and aging-resistant waterproofing material. It has better aging resistance and longer life-span than general polymer sheets. And the longer the time is, the tighter adhesive and polymer sheet will be, this is the characteristics traditional materials don’t possess. By knowing the characteristics above, we could see the development prospect of NBAC non-asphalt multi-color self-adhesive waterproofing membrane. With the popularization of green conception, we believe that NBAC non-asphalt multi-color self-adhesive waterproofing membrane will play principal part in waterproofing field in the near future.