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New Sanya Landmark Project Cases in Guangxi Province within Past Ten Years

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On May 19, 2019, the product launch conference of New Sanya was held in Nanning, Guangxi. More than 60 guests were invited to attend the conference and dinner.


The conference was hosted by Zheng Ai, president of South branch company. He said that Sanya Waterproof has been developed in Guangxi for 10 years. The products are widely used in various landmark projects and have won the favor of society and customers. The brand awareness and reputation are increasing day by day.

Mr. Kou Xiaojun, Chairman of New Sanya Technology, was invited to deliver a speech and expressed his warm welcome and loyal thanks to the guests. He introduced the company's business philosophy, technological innovation, market layout and future planning to the guests, saying that the new Sanya technology will serve the customer with advanced production technology, reliable product quality, standardized construction system and perfect after-sales service system, make greater contributions to the sustainable and healthy development of the building waterproof industry.


Mr. Wang Dandi, the manager of the engineering service department, explained the company's various special products and construction techniques to the guests, and had a wonderful interaction with the guests.



A new product launch conference with a wide range of products was successfully concluded. Distinguished guests expressed their willingness to strengthen strategic cooperation with New Sanya Technology to build a quality demonstration project. Every success means a new departure. New Sanya will take this product launch as an opportunity to continuously introduce more energy-saving and environmentally friendly products to promote the green development of the waterproof industry.