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New Sanya won the title of “Sichuan Province Credit Demonstration Enterprise” authorized by government

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On July 3, Sichuan New Sanya Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. won the “Sichuan Province Credit Demonstration Enterprise” award at the 2019 Sichuan Enterprise Credit Builder Summit.



The companies participating in the selection are all from the strong fields of Sichuan. After the selection, New Sanya Technology has the honor to win the “2019 Sichuan Province Honesty Model Enterprise” award. This is also the affirmation in the construction of corporate integrity.


Since its inception, New Sanya Technology has always regarded integrity as the foundation of its enterprise. We always practice the business philosophy of “Perfect Quality, Sincere Service”, we abide by our commitment to our customers, do our utmost to ensure the quality of our products, and deliver the goods to our customers in the fastest speed and safest way.




Integrity is gold, honesty is beauty. Integrity and trustworthiness are the source of enterprise's leapfrog development and market competitiveness. Hereby New Sanya  issued the following declaration of good faith: constantly enhance the sense of integrity, adhere to the principle of good faith, abide by professional ethics, strictly abide by national laws and regulations, resolutely put an end to falsification & unethical behavior. Strict quality management, improve the credibility of products, and continue to provide consumers with quality goods and services. Ensure fair trade, effectively protect consumer rights, and consciously accept supervision from all walks of life, consumer associations and the news media. Let us join hands to create a fair, honest and trustworthy market environment and consumer environment.


In the days to come, New Sanya will meet with you, hand in hand, and build a dream of integrity. It is believed that New Sanya will be full of fragrance and flowers under the nourishment of the integrity of the land.