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Team Activity at Tiantai Mountain

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On August 3 and 4 2019, the marketing center of New Sanya Group Company held team activity at Tiantai Mountain, Qionglai.

At 8:30am on August 3 2019, more than 60 members set out for Tiantai Mountain in Qionglai. All arrived at designated place at 11:30am. On the noon, all members got together and enjoyed a big lunch happily.

At 2:10pm, the team started hiking and climbing Tiantai Mountain, enjoying the beauty of nature and the fun of walking fitness.

At 6:30pm, dinner officially started. The leaders of the group proposed a toast to each staff and thanked them for their hard work in the past six months of this year.

After dinner, there was roasting the whole sheep and artistic performance activities.

The team activity enriched the staff’s culture life, made closer relationship between workmates, and supplied a chance for workmates to exchange and    communicate freely. This activity enhanced the enterprise’s cohesion and centripetal force and encouraged all staff to put full enthusiasm into to work to fight for the group’s leap-forward development.