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TPO Waterproofing Membrane

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Product profile

TPO, the abbreviation of thermoplastic polyolefin, is made with the dynamically vulcanized EPDM thermoplastic EPDM, the main ingredients of the composition of PP and EPDM. TPO mainly contains carbon atoms and hydrogen atoms and does not contain any plasticizers and chlorine elements. It is a beautiful, long-lived environment-friendly product.


 It’s easy to install with good system integrity, few accessories.

 Excellent tensile strength, tearing resistance and penetration resistance performance.

  No plasticizer. They have been tested as having excellent resistance to thermal aging and ultraviolet, durable and exposed.

Hot-air welding. The peel strength of joint is high.

Fast welding speed.

Environment friendly, 100% recycled, without chlorine.

 Durable hot welding performance and easy to repair.

Smooth surface, no fading and pollution.



Widely used in the roofing and underground constructions of industrial and civil buildings. For different bases and constructions, PVC membranes are installed mechanically-attached, fully-adhered or ballasted.



Rolled with hard materials and packed with plastic bags or woven bags.






20m or according to the demands